NHW Volunteers Always Needed

Sunday, January 10, 2016


Cross Creek community members wants to get the Neighborhood Watch program going again!  Please monitor the nextdoor website – as announcments for Neighborhood Watch meetings are placed there first.

Welcome to the Aurora Cross Creek Owners Association.
Most Recent news 01-15-17
ACCOA (HOA) has signed over budget and management efforts to the Cross Creek Metropolitan District #2 (CCMD). Since ACCOA (HOA) didn’t own any real property, and only managed a budget used mainly for a social committee and trash pickup (however had management costs and legal representation costs) – it was a duplication of efforts and cost to maintain a contract with MSI and legal services to facilitate both entities. Most homeowners didn’t know the difference between the two entities, and got confused as to what dues were owed and to whom and which board took care of what. Most homeowners would also show up to HOA meetings with inquires on matters that the CCMD would handle and couldn’t get an answer they needed. The ACCOA Board of Directors decided to sign over budget and management rights to CCMD as we didn’t need to spend money on legal fee’s to redraft all the documents, and go through the lengthy process of legally disbanding the HOA. There is still an ACCOA Board of Directors that will still meet at least annually to certify there is no budget, and that the agreement can still continue. The ACCOA BOD will still hold annual elections for Board Members, and later on down the road if the current board decides they no longer want to have it managed by CCMD, they can go through the process of pulling the budget back and charging homeowners a separate monthly/annual due for management company expenses, any other expenses they expect to incur, legal representation, and collection efforts for any bad debt. As it sits now – Homeowners have one monthly bill to the CCMD to assist with recreation fee’s and yearly taxes deducted to repay the bonds issued to build the infrastructure for the neighborhood. Until commercial development comes in, the current number of homes and maximum mill levy allowed to be assesed – the CCMD will most likely continue to just pay interest and little towards principal.

Some homeowners wonder how we were able to shift duties and budget over to CCMD without raising the dues or charge additional fee’s. Over the past several years the HOA continued to run a little leaner, the housing economy bounced back and collection efforts reduced lowering budget allocated to legal representation, etc… For the last 4 years the HOA had adopted a negative budget (Collecting less than it spent) to return dues to homeowners. When the two entities merged, the needed budget for management services decreased freeing up some money. We also freed up money that was allocated in budget every year that may or may not get used (legal fee’s, reserve, returns on CD investments). We were able to transfer the ACCOA’s assets to CCMD which included reserves and budget surplus we were returning via negative budget. The CCMD was able to absorb the new fixed costs previously paid by ACCOA (small increase to MSI fee for CCMD management, the annual trash contract with Waste Management, and annual social committee expenditures) with it’s current budget and assets transferred from ACCOA. Going forward, as Home Values increase, the CCMD’s current mil levy rate collected with property taxes each year should absorb the difference, and most likely as long as property values increase (and no significant capital expenditures are needed for improvements of facilities), actually be able to still be lowered over time.

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Quick links to information on the proposed drilling near Cross Creek
All about it | Educate Yourself

If you are concerned about or opposed to drilling:
Continue to educate your self – new news articles are posted by many news sources everyday – you can find some on the right side of the Educate Yourself page.

If you are a user of Facebook or Twitter, we are not using these mediums for announcing updates, so if you post a comment or re-tweet, don’t expect a quick answer, as we haven’t defined how we as a board will monitor these communication methods. We figure that enough people use them that it can be valuable for homeowners to communicate together on there without impedance from ACCOA or CCMD. Many homeowners also use Nextdoor.com – however the board does not monitor those either. All communications flow through email or MSI via Ginger.

-The Board

Cross Creek continues to see Solicitation activity. Please note that your Board of Directors has NOT authorized any company to solicit homeowners for any sort of goods or services. The ACCOA Board of Directors has no legal authority to allow or not allow solicitation activity in the neighborhood. Solicitation rules are enforced at the state and city level – and enforced by city and state agencies.

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Currently we are not looking to expand the content that is on the website. Please use social media to connect with other homeowners- as communications flow much quicker without getting bottle necked by a board member or volunteer that are not dedicated to updating this website. All official documentation for ACCOA and CCMD is maintained by MSI and can be viewed at http://crc.msihoa.co


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    • 02/07/18 Metro District Board of Directors meeting:
      This will be a regular quarterly meeting of the Cross Creek Metropolitan Board of Directors.
      Wed. 6:30pm @ CC Club house
      01/31/18 Annual ACCOA Homeowners meeting:
      This will be a continuation of the annual homeowners meeting to elect 3 homeowners to serve on the ACCOA Board of Directors for a two year term of service until Dec 2020.
      Wed. 6:30pm @ CC Club house

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