RIG updated for 2nd half 2010

Sun, Aug 1, 2010


New Residential Improvement Guidelines(RIG) finalized for distribution on 1 August 2010!

The DRC has finished a re-write of the Residential Improvement Guidelines and the Board of Directors has approved them.  Guidelines will go into effect 20 Aug 2010.  We will be distributing them by hand to the front door of every Homeowner.  We are distributing them in this mannar to cut costs of the normal delivery process through USPS mail.  For Home owners that don’t live in a Cross Creek residence, you will be receiving a copy via USPS mail.

There are some big common sense changes in this new version of the RIG.  Items like landscape lighting, storm doors, fences, satellite dishes, etc… have been changed to allow you to do the work without prior approval.  In some instances no paperwork is neccessary, in others, notification to the DRC after work is completed will be needed.  Check the RIG for details..  Landscaping rules now refer to Aurora City Guidelines.  We have also waived the $25.00 submittal fee.  Income gained from it over the past couple years is minimal, and perceived by homeowners as yet another deterrent in following the process.  Making a change to this process also allows you to submit your Requests electronically if you so choose.  The DRC has made HUGE changes in their process and are more responsive than ever before.

We’ve made changes on our end, we’ve distributed a new RIG, there should be no reason for every homeowner to not follow the process.  Going forward, starting the effective date of the new RIG, 20 August 2010, we will be proactive in enforcing the policies around it.  We are asking that any homeowner in the past that has completed work without going through the DRC, to submit a picture or any relevant plans to update our records.  In the months ahead, as we are enforcing the policies, if we don’t have anything in paperwork on hand, you will get a notice of non-compliance.  If that goes un-corrected, we will be enforcing with fines.  The next few months will be your “get out of jail free card”.  To clarify, if any work you have completed is not in spec with the old or new RIG, it does not mean it will be automatically approved and grandfathered in.   There will always be consequences for doing any work that is not in compliance with the RIG.  If you are forthright, communicative, and co-operative the Board and DRC will work with you to find a solution that works for everyone.  Stonewalling, and proclaiming ignorance to the process or policies, as we have seen in the past will not produce favorable results.  This process is in place to protect the home values of everyone in the community and keep the harmony of the neighborhood.  Cross Creek is still a new community, and is still growing.  The Board and the DRC are 100% committed to not only enforcing the policies fairly across the board, but fixing the policies and processes that don’t work.  Give the new RIG and process a chance, help us find the parts that are broken, and make it ours, and not something something that the developer put in that we are stuck living with.

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