Cross Creek has seen increased Solicitation activity. Please note that your Board of Directors has NOT authorized any company to solicit homeowners for any sort of goods or services.
We (the Board) know that homeowners do not appreciate their lives being interrupted by door to door sales tactics – and we respect that.  We do not even have a policy or methodology in place to pick or choose who can or can not solicit in the neighborhood – as it’s the neighborhoods desire to have none. If a solicitor knocks on your door, and tells you that they got permission from the HOA and have no documentation – they are lying to you.
Having said that – here is the sad fact:  Solicitors do not need our permission to solicit in our neighborhood.  It’s an activity that is governed and protected at the State and City level.  The HOA and the Metro District do not have any regulations that allow us any legal recourse to govern solicitation in the neighborhood despite popular belief/misunderstanding of this fact.  The good news is that there are certain laws that solicitors need to adhere to and most don’t!  Even better – being informed of these laws and referencing them when a solicitor is present may be more effective in getting them to disappear than arguing that your HOA doesn’t allow it.   Most solicitors are keen enough to know that the HOA is pretty much powerless to do anything, and are not dissuaded by that comment.
Here are links that we could find to the laws that govern solicitation:

COLORADO CHARITABLE SOLICITATIONS ACT – Check to see if a company is listed here.
Colorado Revised Statues 6-1-105(p) – Deceptive Practices – Solicits door-to-door as a seller, unless the seller, within thirty seconds after beginning the conversation, identifies himself or herself, whom he or she represents, and the purpose of the call;

Relevant Aurora Municipal Code of Ordinances on Door-to-Door sales:
94-7 – Selling of merchandise.

86-226 to 86-233Division 4. – Door to Door Sellers License.
-Basically, it’s illegal to sell door to door in Aurora without a license and identification card with the exception of a. Charitable organizations – b. News Paper subscriptions – or c. The US or Colorado State departments, agencies, and political organizations.

Sec. 114-32.Littering—Prohibited.
-Technically you can consider leaflets left at your residents as “litter” and call the police and file a complaint against the company that left it.

Door to Door Sellers License – Any person who engages in or conducts the business of going from house to house, or place to place, selling or offering for sale and making immediate or later delivery of goods, wares, merchandise, service or anything of value shall obtain a license prior to commencing such activity. This license shall be in the possession of the licensee at all times during the conduct of his or her business.

If solicitor stops by, We suggest you take the following steps.

  1. Listen for the name of their company, and their individual name. They must give it within the first 30 seconds of answering the door.
  2. Ask to see their ID card as per Sec. 86-230 of Aurora’s Code of Ordinances.
      If they have one:

    • check to see if it is not older than 90 days. If it is, get the info and report them to Aurora Police Dispatch (303) 627-1300
    • Tell them you do not want their business and close your door.
    • Do not engage in any further conversation with them.
      If they don’t – Remember that Charitable organizations – News Paper subscriptions – or US or Colorado State departments, agencies, and political organizations do NOT need an ID or License to solicit. If the individual does not represent one of these then do the following:

    • Tell them you do not want their business and you are going to report them to the Aurora Police for violations of section 86-230 of Aurora’s Code of Ordinances.
    • Close your door – do not engage in any further conversation with them.
    • Call the Aurora Police Dispatch at (303) 627-3100. Remember- for the police, if you don’t report it, it never happened
    • Put a posting up on NextDoor.com to warn other neighbors. If we see continued aggressive activity we can contact our PAR officer as well for further help and advice. Bring it up at the next neighborhood watch meeting for further advice. Always feel free to contact the soliciting company and express your concerns on their activities.
  3. You have one other recourse to keep them all away. Post a clearly marked no trespassing sign. Licensed or not, they must abide by tresspasing laws as provided by C.R.S. 18-4-504. It is also theoretical that with a no trespassing sign posted you could attempt to report and prosecute companies leaving leaflets according to littering laws as provided by C.R.S. 18-5-511

The Exception: We do feel it is all of our civic duty to allow school sponsored actives, such as fund raising for school sports teams, or fund raising drives for boy/girl scouts solicitation activities.

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