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The Design Review Committee (DRC) for Aurora Cross Creek Owners Association (ACCOA) is charged with maintaining community standards on behalf of all homeowners. The governing documents for ACCOA establish the Design Review Committee and empower the committee to create reasonable enforcement guidelines for the community. At closing, each homeowner signs a document stating that they have read the governing documents, understand them and agree to abide by them.

In general, any exterior alteration to a house and/or the landscape (front or back ) requires the submission of an Design Review Request (DRR) to the DRC.

Annually, the DRC is inundated with DRR’s. Unfortunately, many homeowners fail to plan in advance.  Submittals are often incomplete, lacking the necessary support documentation. Many homeowners mail their DRR to MSI expecting it to be approved on the spot. For any number of reasons residents request that their submittal be expedited for approval within a day or two. Other homeowners conclude that because they have seen their idea at another house within Cross Creek the approval will be automatic. Please remember the following:

  1. Incomplete submittals are returned to the homeowner, delaying the review process.
  2. The DRC strives to answer requests in a timely mannar. It may take 7 to 10 business days at a minimum (remember – this to account for USPS mailing time). However, The DRC has 60 days to review your request before it is considered automatically disapproved. No request is ever considered automatically approved. Do not start your work until you have approval.  DRC members review most requests throughout the month and do not wait for the monthly DRC meeting. Currently the DRC is trying to contact homeowners on an idividual basis to fill in any questions in an attempt to help expedite the process (you must answer their questions within 10 business days, or the DRC will consider your request abandoned and close/deny it).  Only in the case of an unusual request will members wait for the next regularly scheduled monthly meeting to discuss the situation in front of the entire DRC.
  3. You must submit a DRR for just about any exterior change you wish to make. Starting with the Aug. 2010 RIG revision, there are a few instances of work that can be completed without a DRR, or submittal of one after work is complete.  Check the latest version of the RIG for details on your project. If you have multiple requests spanning differnt projects, the DRC suggests that you submit a separate DRR for each project so that a question or disapproval for one project will not hold up another. Submissions are judged on their individual merit for your particular house and their contribution to the harmony of the neighborhood.
  4. Approvals require a majority vote by the DRC members.
  5. DRC meetings are held generally the second Tuesday of each month at 6:00 p.m. in the Cross Creek clubhouse. Homeowners are encouraged to inquire about the monthly meeting status by calling Ginger Sickles our Community Manager at MSI, 720-974-4179

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